Banana Duck Collection

Banana ducks are just like us! They have ups and downs — and sometimes even get a few bruises now and again! But that can’t stop them from loving life, and being curious about the universe! They’re the perfect companions for exploration. Who knows where they’ll turn up next!

artwork: Banana Jam

It’s rush hour and everyone is off to help create another day! This 30×40 acrylic painting captures Artist Ryan Bauer-Walsh’s signature characters and style.

artwork: BaMoMa

The Banana Ducks are off to the Banana Duck Museum of Modern Art! This 30×40 acrylic illusion painting weaves a narrative of self expression — and mischief!

artwork: Snack Attack

Eating healthy is important — but sometimes you just need a little junk food! This comic book inspired 30×40 acrylic painting allows the characters to break free from their boxes in a battle of the snacks! Will the fruits and veggies prevail? Or is it time for a cupcake?


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